Robert Reid - a formerly successful lawyer has become an artist extraordinaire.  Through his preferred mediums of acrylics and wood, he has truly captured the essence of his glorious surroundings, both in British Columbia and in his second home in Maui, Hawaii.  He realized upon retirement from his chosen profession that life was not over, but was really just getting started, as he made the dramatic shift of all of his new found energy from left brain detailed thinking to right brain artistic creativity.  In doing so he has successfully connected with that spiritual side of self where all that untapped sensual artistry lies. And it shows.  Man does it show.  Every paint stroke, and every carved slice of wood reveals the spirit of the man.  He has a very youthful spirit.  On a lovely spring day you may find him absorbing the beauty of the north shore mountains and singing a tune ... “you and I are just like a couple of tots, running through the meadow picking up lots of forget me nots”.  Sound familiar?